Managing a Teams meeting created in MS Bookings

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Having some trouble managing online meetings created by Bookings. One main issue is that it is very difficult determining who the organizer of those meetings actually is. Even the people who are added as staff to the event don't have access to the meeting controls, such as creating breakout rooms etc.


Our IT dept has assigned a user mailbox to the Bookings account, which helped somewhat, but it is still not ideal, as I have to sign into this account on our desktop Teams app for every meeting I want to have control over. It still doesn't allow the possibility of assigning co-organizers, so I have to attend all the meetings that I schedule on behalf of others, in case they need help creating breakout rooms, recording the meetings, etc. This is obviously cumbersome, as it would be best to give organizer permissions for someone who is actually running the meeting.


Has anyone found a way to make Teams meetings created by Bookings work well?

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I am an independent advisor responding to Bookings questions.


Thank you for sharing this information. I was not aware of this issue and plan to investigate.  


I hope a MS product manager responds.  In the meantime, please add this requirement to Microsoft feedback hub.



@Trainer_Nerd Hi there,


I'm having the same issue now. Were you ever able to find a solution to this?


I think the problem is that the "organizer" of the meeting is a dummy email address created by bookings that doesn't have any actual permissions. I ran a test Bookings x Teams meeting and I did not even have meeting controls which is so bizarre! There's no way to create breakout rooms, share screen, nothing!


I think I may have to scrap Bookings all together and move back to Calendly.