Looking for a way to set service so that only one person can book it at a time(hoteling/hot desking)

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We are trying to set up a Bookings calendar, but need a way to make it so that only one customer can book a particular service at a time, even if multiple staff are "free". The 1:1 setting doesn't seem to prevent that. I would think there must be a way to do this, as I'm sure other companies must have reasons why only one of a certain service could be booked at a time?


(Really, we're trying to use Bookings for hoteling/hot desking, but Bookings isn't set up for that. We had tried the workaround that others suggested with having the desks set up as Staff in Bookings, staff set up as Customers in Bookings, and timeframes being Services in Bookings, but that didn't really work well for us and was very frustrating. I've been experimenting with having the staff be actually set up as Staff and having the desks be set up as Services, but multiple Customers can book the same Service with different Staff for the same timeframe, so that defeats the purpose.)

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