List of staff in alphabetical order?

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We want our customers to choose the right staff member when they come to our bookings page.


However our list has 50+ employees in it and the names are all in random order. We don't want the customers to have to read the whole list just to try to find the person they are looking for. How do I fix this? Thanks.

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I just had a Ticket open with Microsoft 365 Support about this very thing. The response they provided me is that it's not provided in Random order, but is listed based on staff Availability in their calendar (however that's determined)...

What I think would be useful and a feature that I would like to see from Microsoft, is when configuring a Service in the Bookings setup page, as a question (dropdown/radio button) on how the Staff should be displayed, with options "Alphabetical" and "By Availability". It seems obvious to me that many customers would want to choose Alphabetical.

My 2 cents, not sure if this is the right place to post product/feature requests and suggestions or not, but if it isn't perhaps somebody could remind me where to go. Thanks