Linking to Microsoft Teams issues

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We use Bookings to run training sessions in our area and seem to encounter two common issues which impact people's ability to join via the booking. Any help/advice as to what we're doing wrong would be grateful.


1. Two Microsoft Teams invites

bookings issue 1.pngThis appears on Outlook after people have been added to Microsoft Bookings.


2. Formatting is removed from Outlook invite

MicrosoftTeams-image (7).png

This again is Outlook after being added to a session/Booking via Bookings.

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I am also experiencing a Teams linking error. If I pre-schedule the appointment in the bookings calendar and people sign up, the attendees get a link in their email that does not send them to the correct Teams meeting room, but if they add the meeting to their outlook calendar, they get the CORRECT Teams room. Are you experiencing something similar? @benhatton