Limit one service appointment per day?

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I have set up a service for college students to meet me for lunch.  I want to offer them a range of times per day for them to choose from based on their own class schedule (11am-2pm), but I don't want to have more than one person schedule lunch with me per day (someone books at 11 and another books at 1).  Is there a way to limit the number of appointments that can be made per day based on the type of service?

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add a buffer time of (example 2 hours) .. prevents booking within 2 hours of your actual availability .. this i think would work?

@cvanoosbree I'll check - I guess I was under the assumption that if I had an appt at 1pm, but am available for a 1 hour lunch at 11 or 12, a two hour buffer would prevent people from booking either of those slots?  Or am I misunderstanding the buffer?  Sorry - I'm the only one at my university using this and figuring it out on my own.

You are correct, i do not believe there is a means to limit single booking per day .. adding a buffer just works around it .. at the risk of being un-bookable around that specific availability of course