Licensed users cant' access Bookings: Ask Your Admin instead of Get It Now

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I'm getting reports from multiple users who are not able to get started with Bookings. Instead of a button saying "Get it now", they see a button saying "Ask your admin", and this description "Thank you for using Microsoft Bookings. Our licensing model has recently changed. If you've lost access, please talk to your IT administrator about getting Bookings enabled again." I'm at a loss. This is affecting only some users, and I verified that Bookings is enabled in their license. I can't toggle their license because we are using group based licensing.
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@itishnitsa3 did you resolve this as we're having exactly the same issue with a new user today?

@gcjuw84 , we ended up opening 2 tickets with Microsoft. The first engineer told me that he reset user's permissions, and the second one said running diagnostics on user's account fixed it. Unfortunately, they didn't provide any more details. Regardless, Microsoft has to fix the user account on the back end.

@itishnitsa3 thanks for that.  I've raised a ticket with Microsoft now so I'm hoping they'll resolve it fairly quickly.

@gcjuw84 We just noticed this a couple weeks ago.  It looks like the Licensing changed.  Our student employees used to have access to the Microsoft Bookings app under their Microsoft 365 A5 for students use benefit license, but now it is only available to staff under the Microsoft 365 A5 for faculty service plan. 

Same problem with Bookings.  I AM the Admin and I can't find any helpful information.  I've gone through everything I can find online even digging into the powershell and checking settings.  The Admin setup says it's active and deployed but not one user can use it.


Yet Microsoft sends me nagging messages every few days telling me to use their new great app!  Really.  Microsoft.  Even sending in a support ticket, it's been a week since I opened the ticket and no activity on it whatsoever.


I sure wish Microsoft would actually TEST products before pushing them out and marketing them.  This seems to happen far too often.