Let my customers change / manage my booking invitations

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As of now, it seems like I – as a meeting arranger – can make a booking invitation to a customer. But then the customer cannot change or manage the meeting. Is this on the roadmap, or am I missing something? With this feature enabled, my company could totally use Bookings for all our customer / prospect meetings, whether they are initiated from us or our customers / prospects.

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Hi Morten - Thanks for the question! Your customer can always modify their booking from the confirmation email they get. That email has an option that will take them back to a page where they can make a new booking, re-schedule, or cancel it.

I understand that the client both can book, and modify his/her bookings. But what I tried to do, was - as the vendor - to book the meeting. That seems possible, but then the client cannot change the booking.

Hi @Gabo


I'm having this same issue. When I set up a meeting, the client confirmation email doesn't include the option to 'manage booking'. The manage booking option only seems to be available when the client sets up a meeting themselves.