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I have set a minimum lead time of 12 hours that was saved months ago. I am now getting notifications for meetings that are being booked on the same day. When I check my settings, it still says 12 hours minimum lead time, so it should be saved correctly. 2023-11-08_13-04-04.png

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I have been having this issue since mid-August or so as well in addition to buffer times being added to the appointments that are scheduled. Supposedly Microsoft is aware of the issues and is applying a fix but I've yet to see it correct any of the issues I've been having.

@cncornejo  @J_Rooker there is no known issue around this, can you please try resetting the lead time values (remove -> save, add -> save) and see if that helps?




I was testing this today because of a support ticket we received on it. My "Bookings with me" has an 8 hour lead time and allowed for a co-worker to book an appointment within two hours of start time. So, if there isn't a "known" issue about this, there should be.
I am having the same issue, the lead time stopped working and people booked meetings even 5 minutes before it, can someone point out a known issue for this? Hopefully Microsoft can fix this soon
I opened a case with them yesterday. Hopefully they will respond soon. I'll try to remember to post any updates here.

@intune2dropD Any update? I'm having the same issue. I also cannot find anywhere if there is a 'maximum' minimum lead time. I've now set it up to 168 hours (I cannot enter days), but it is not working.

Sorry, forgot to come back to the forum. Microsoft "fixed a syncing issue in the backend", at least that is how they reported it to me. After that my lead time was fixed as well as the few users that were experiencing the same issue. I am not sure if they focused on our tenant or what.
Not sure why you can't select days. On your bookings page there is an advanced area at the bottom where you can select days or hours. Looks like there is a 90 day max. 

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I am having same issue. Is there a workaround?