Lead In Times - Microsoft Bookings - excluding weekends

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We use Microsoft bookings to book meetings with our consultants - We want a 48 hour lead in time, but if we send out the email on Friday, it allows people to book first thing on Monday- The lead in time is based on actual hours, rather than hours at work. Can I exclude weekends (or indeed other non working days) from the lead in time? Louise


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I agree. This is pretty important to your 9-5 businesses. I don't want to set a lead time of 72+ hours to accomodate for the weekend.
Guessing this hasn't changed in the past 1+ years.. I'm running into the same issue. There should be a business days option, or it should just pull the lead time from what is available. If people are only available M-F, then 24 hrs from Friday should roll to Tuesday..