JSON in Meeting Invitation

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Starting on 8/23, some of our Bookings sites have some data anomalies on the resulting calendar appointments that I can't find a reason for.


1) The subject line of the appointment usually has the service name, a dash followed by the name of the customer. The customer name is now missing.


2) The location field is populated with a JSON object (i.e. {"name" : "name of site"} )


3) In the body of the appointment, the service name is empty.


It looks like this started on 8/23/23 and is affecting 6 sites at my school that I am aware of. Hoping for some help.


I'm relying on the content of the invites to be consistent for an integration I have with our Salesforce org so would like to get this fixed ASAP. Thank you!


Sue Irvine

Cornell University


Here is an example of the resulting calendar event:



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@Sue_Irvine Sorry about this, can you please check if you are still facing this issue? Thanks!

We are good now - our email team worked with MS Engineers on a resolution. My understanding was they rolled back a change that caused this.