Issue using Bookings when I try to add buffer time to a service with multiple attendees

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I have created a service to book a seat in a breakout room for students.

The room can accommodate 14 people.
(Just like a large yoga class.)
Th seats are available for 45 minutes starting on the hour.
There is 1 manager for the service (a shared email address used to note attendees).

I need to build in 15minutes of cleaning time ahead of the next session/service starting on the hour.

I set the booking policy as 1 hour on the Bookings page. See attached.
If I set the 'service' duration to 45 minutes, the solution fails, after the first booking at 09:00 the next one appears as 10:45, then 11:45 etc. when the booking policy is set at 1hour.

If I set the duration of the service to 1 hour within the service scheduling area, the solution works.

However, I really want the meeting invite that the students receive to show the service lasting for 45min, e.g. from 09:00 to 09:45.

Within the service provision page, if I set the service duration to 45minutes and if I add a post 'meeting/service' buffer of 15minutes, it fails to work, as it will only allow one person out of X to book the service during any given hour. If I have set the service so that 14 people can book it on any given hour, with buffer time enabled, it will only allow 1 person to make a booking.


I don't want to add 14 fake staff members for each location that will be bookable (there will be a lot of them).

Any ideas where am I going wrong?

Many thanks. Tom.

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@thayes2021, I am having the same issue currently - did you ever figure out a resolution? Any insight would be appreciated!
Sorry, I just avoid it - and build the time into the meeting length. A bad solution but it works.