Is there a way to default Microsoft Bookings online meetings to include Teams meeting link?

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I've recently been testing Microsoft Bookings as an alternative online client meeting booking system for our business (we currently use Calendly).


In the current climate, we are opting to book online meetings over in person meetings with our clients, and are using Microsoft Teams as our online meeting system when we can. Unfortunately Calendly does not integrate with Teams, hence why I've been looking at Microsoft Bookings as an alternative. 


From my reading online, it looks like online meetings is a new feature being rolled out. That said, in my testing, the option to switch a "service" to an online meeting is available, and works by including a link to join the meeting via Skype for Business. However, in our business we don't use Skype - we use Teams.


Is there a way to default online meetings booked through Bookings to include a Teams link instead of Skype?


According to this article, "You can set up your services with an online meeting option. When you or a customer creates a new booking, or updates an existing booking, you have the option to make it an online appointment, using Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business." It's just not clear how to prioritise Teams over Skype. 


I also note in this same article under "Add online meetings to your bookings" it says "Note: This feature is still rolling out and might not be available in your organization yet. For more info, check out When do I get the newest features in for Microsoft 365?." - however, because I have the switch available and have been able to successfully set up test bookings to include Skype for business links, I'd assumed it's been rolled out in my organisation?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi @chaniunger ! 


I'm a big fan of Bookings. The Teams integration works great, check if you have the option "Add online meeting". Under Services I've also added some time before the meeting so I have time to get ready for it. 

Hi @Tony Krijnen - thanks for reply! Yep i have the "Add online meeting" switch - but for some reason it's scheduling Skype for business meetings rather than a Team's meeting link by default. Do you know how to get it to default to Teams?

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To get this fixed, we ended up having to turn the Bookings license off, waiting 24 hours, then turning it back on. Then it started defaulting to Teams over Bookings. We also needed to make sure we were in Teams only mode (which we were already) to make sure it wouldn't default to Skype.