Is it possible to prevent the whole team being booked out at the same time?

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We use MS Bookings for a variety of Helpdesk services we provide so we can plan the work ahead with our customers (eg. Install X Software, Rebuild Machine, etc).


Is it possible to set a Service to prevent ALL the available team members from being booked at the same time, so only 2 out of 3 can be concurrently booked?


For example, Agent 1, Agent 2, Agent 3 can all be assigned an appointment for Service 1.

BUT - if all 3 agents are on Bookings, there is nobody available to monitor the Service Desk if 3 Bookings come in for the same time.


Ideally we'd like all the agents to be able to do the Services, but the only way around it I can think of at the moment is to not have Agent 1 assigned to the Service, which means they don't get experience in the service actions required.


Hope this makes sense.

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@LizD_555 this is currently not supported but you can try workarounds like not assigning a staff to the service or block out one person's availability with "Time off" or another service on certain days - which might also allow you to rotate the assignment over time.