Is it possible to make a staff member not bookable ?

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I have set up a booking site with 6 services and 6 staff who are automatically assigned to each of the services. However, I have an extra 3 staff who are admins for this booking sheet. They are not to be bookable but I cannot find a toggle to remove them from being bookable.


The reason I want to disable this is that I do not want them to appear in the calendar for the booking sheet. At present, it shows all the 6 staff bookings on the 6 services but also shows the 3 other staff members on the calendar.

Either how can I disable these staff on the calendar view or how can I make these staff unbookable?


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@MarkH72 click the staff menu item, choose the staff-member, you can make them unavailable/available for certain times or days of the week, or not available at all.


Unfortunately I have staff who are very variable in their availability and the only way I can figure out how to match them up with their 'shifts' is to give them 'time off' in the Bookings calendar for when they are unavailable. (I should be able to use their availability from their staff Outlook calendars but that won't work for us).



@stevenkw2t Thanks for you answer. I have made the person unavailable on all days listed so they cannot be booked. But it still says that this person is bookable. The idea in my mind, if i can remove the staff member from being bookable they will not appear in the calendar.


My big idea is to have the calendars open on a device allowing students to see which service they are booked against with the staff member, without seeing the admin staff entries who are not meant to be bookable.



@MarkH72 did you find a solution to your problem?

I'm also asking myself how I can change the "Bookable" status of a staff member. Any ideas?



@PaddyPale From what I have seen, that is irrelevant. If you assign staff members to the different services, only those will show up when you select a certain service. If you choose to not allow people to select staff for specific services, only those assigned to them will be able to be booked (they will add the timeslots, and randomly assign the right staff). The Bookable option is only an issue when you don´t assign staff to services, or if you don´t have any :D My 2 cents.

What you said is correct, and it is not what OP is asking about.

I have 15 staff members, 3 at each of 5 locations. Everyone needs to be able to adjust/cancel appointments for everyone else, and there is a different calendar for each location (i.e. 5 calendars), so they all have Admin roles on every calendar.

Only 3 of them are actually at each location, so only 3 can be booked to appointments on that calendar. However, all 15 of them show up in every calendar page because of their role as Admin. This clogs up the page, requires scrolling, and confuses staff about who is at each location and can/cannot be booked.

MS chose to include this "Bookable" status, however, there appears to be no way to change it. If we were able to make them "Not Bookable" and remove them from the calendar, that would reduce the clutter and make it clear to other staff members who can and cannot be booked for services at each location.

Conversely, if they were able to manage that calendar with a role other than "Administrator" we could remove them from that list, although that seems like the wrong way to do it.

While the wrong person cannot be booked by our customers, there is still the matter of confusion and clutter for our staff. MS has gotten halfway to solving that with the "Bookable" status.