Integration of personal calendar with bookings calendar

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A fundamental requirement to make the app usable is to integrate the user's own 365 calendar with the bookings calendar.


Firstly I see this link suggesting that time can be blocked out when the personal calendar is full:


Unfortunately, the tick-box option referred to here isn't present on my roll-out. Why is this?


Secondly, I'd like to be able to see the booking in the user's own diary - or, at least, to be able to see the Bookings calendar as a calendar set in outlook so I can overlay the two. Is there an option to do this?

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I am having the same issue.

Me too me too.  The option to integrate a personal calendar is no where to be found.  I have wasted at least 2 hours of time trying to set up something that despite the instructions does not exist.  I thought upgrading to Office 365 Premium was going to allow me to consolidate a bunch of functions and make my life easier.  So far it has only lead to frustration as nothing seems to work they way it was promised.

So do any Microsoft people call by these boards to actually help, or is it just a place for a group hug?

Hi Jonathan,

Yes, Microsoft people are around. :)

I am sorry you are not able to see the Office 365 Calendar integration feature yet, we just started rolling it out and it takes some time for the code to reach every customer. Depending where you are located, it should show in the coming weeks.


Regarding the option to see a Bookings calendar in your user's calendar or overlay them together. You should be able to do this from the Calendar tile in Outlook on the web.


Hope this helps!



Hi Wray,


I am sorry you are having issues with Business Premium. Are there any specific apps/services with which you are having issues?


The Office 365 UserVoice forum is a great way to let us know how we can help.





Thanks Gabriel


Unfortunately the bookings calendar doesn't show up in the calendar tile.

The booking app is essentially useless to me unless it will integrate with my regular calendar.  I read on one of your pages that there was an option to connect a staff personal calendar to the booking app, but that option is not available when I edit my staff in the booking app.


Maybe I am not understanding what you intended this app to do, but it seems like basic functionality that you would not double book appointments based on items that were already on my calendar outside of the booking calendar.

Hi Jonathan,

That is odd. I attached an image in my previous response on where it should show up.


Just want to make sure, you are trying this on the web experience of Office 365 in the Calendar tile and not in Outlook for Windows. On the left nav, under "Your calendars" there should be a "Other calendars" option. Once you click on that one, your Bookings calendars should show up. If you click on those, they should appear at the top of your Calendar, next and your appointments should show up overlayed with your Office 365 Calendar.


Are you the Admin for the Bookings calendar you created?


I am attaching the image again.

Hope this helps.



Hi Wray,


Thanks for your feedback. Maybe I didn't understand your question before, let me try to clarify myself and address your concerns.


Office 365 Calendar integration is a key feature we are working on and it should start showing up in the next couple of months depending on where you are located. This will address your double-booking issue.


Integration with a staff member's personal calendar is possible only if they are on Office 365.


Hope this helps.



Yes, and for some reason it showed up today when it wasn't there previously (did you have a play with my settings?? ;) )


Is there any reason why this isn't available in Outlook desktop too? As this is where I use my calendar most of the time.

I promise I didn't ;)


I will guess you mean Outlook for Windows :) It is availabe in Outlook for Windows as one of your "Other Calendars" on the left nav column. Just tick the box nect to the Bookings calendar you want and it will appear next to your main calendar.


I am attaching an image that shows how to find it.


Hope this helps!

I am on Office 365 Business Premium, but cannot see an option to link the staff personal calendar to the bookings calendar.  So it sounds like you are saying I need to wait and it should show up eventually.

Hi Wray,


If your staff also has an Office 365 Business Premium account in the same tenant as you do, then yes, the feature will show up in the coming weeks as we roll it out to all customers.




OK thanks. Unfortuantely it doesn't show up under 'Other Calendars' on Outlook for Windows. There's nothing there at all.

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You might have a setting preventing the Bookings calendar to show up automatically.

Try this:


1. Go to the Calendar tab in Outlook for Windows

2. On the left nav go to "Other calendars"

3. Right click on Other calendars

4. Hover over "Add calendars"

5. Click on "From Adress Book"


This will open the Global Address List (GAL). Depending on the size of your org, you will be able to immediately see your Boookings calendar or you might have to search for it through the search box. Once you find it, just double-click on it, and then click on "OK".


Following those steps should bring up your Bookings calendar.


Hope this helps!



It did indeed, many thanks!

Hello Gabiel.

Is it possible to share the booking calendar inside the organization wihtout to include them in the staff of the booking?.

I would like to share my calendar with some other managers but i want to avoid to add them in the staff to avoid a huge list when you set the appoiments and also to avoid customer to set an appoiment with them.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.

Hi Ruben,

The only way for someone to see your Bookings calendar is if they are added as an Admin to your calendar. You can avoid them being booked by not assigning them to any service and making sure you have added at least one staff member (other than that Admin) as a service provider.


If the other managers are added as Admins, they will get email notifications every time a new booking is created for other staff members.


Hope this helps or let me know if you have other questions.




The integration of Microsoft Bookings with your Office 365 personal calendars should be live now and ready to use in both the web and the app. Please give it a try and let us know of any feedback.