Incorrect Customer Details under Edit Customer Details and Notes

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When viewing a customer's details in the calendar it displays information from a different booking.



  • 5 staff members (set up as guests), all assigned to business hours
  • Single service set up to be available when staff are free
  • Booking has been made on Staff member 5 from 2:30pm - 2:45pm
  • Booking has been made on Staff member 4 from 2:30pm - 2:45pm
  • Customer did not correctly populate their email (used a comma instead of a dot) so have gone into the field to correct it
  • Go to edit customers details under staff member 4 (from 2:30pm - 2:45pm) on the calendar page (select booking, click edit)
    • Check - name displays correctly and is grayed out, no email on display
  • Click on the hyperlink Edit Customer Details and Notes
  • Displays customer data from booking with staff member 5 instead of the correct booking with staff member 4. 

This seems to be an issue with the query, potentially affected by multiple staff members accessing the (web) calendar at the same time. 

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I've attempted to recreate the issue in another tennant and cannot get it to fault out the same way as the live production site. Issue could be caused by multiple users (2 or more) accessing the web calendar page at the same time.
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I have managed to replicate the issue (PSR attached)


It stems from multiple bookings being made across a time slot that share the same email address. 


Imagine, in this scenario, a teacher wants to book in 5 students for an appointment and uses her own email ( 


Using MS bookings she makes 5 bookings for her students with the local nurse, but uses her own email to keep track of the students appointment details. 


A student wishes to update the booking with their own email address and details so they can manage the booking themselves, they are not able to due to MS bookings referencing the email of the teacher alongside the other four bookings/students. 


Remedy; when booking multiple people ensure you use unique email addresses.


However, Microsoft will need to address this as it causes a cascading issue with other bookings that reference that same email address (such as multiple personnel making bookings with a shared email)