Include "Company Name" in "Customer Information" area of "New Booking"

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I'm looking into using MS Bookings for our appointments.  We're an Occupational Medicine clinic focusing on providing services to businesses and industries.  Whenever someone books an appointment for a physical, drug screen, etc. with us, we need to know not only their info but also the company they work for so we know who to bill.


Bookings has everything we need for this, except when staff books an appointment with the "New Bookings" button when they enter the customer info it doesn't have the Company field.  This field does exist in the "Customers" area of Bookings, but not in the New Booking area.


Currently, the only way to get all the info we need is for the staffer taking the appointment to first add the client's employee to the "New Customer" area, then go back and book.  This could be simplified by adding the Company Name field to the New Booking area.  Is this possible?

Also, is it possible to import a list of customers into the Bookings database, and is there a way to directly access this database?  It looks like Bookings should be easy to customize and has lots of potential, but I'm dismayed that under "Settings" the only option is to choose a color or theme...


Thanks for the help or information.

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I am an independent advisor responding to Microsoft Bookings questions.


1) Adding Customer Name field to as Service Form. At this time, you do not have this functionality.  You have to create a custom field. 


2) Yes, you can import contacts into Bookings via a CSV file. You can not import any custom fields.  You could merge custom field data in the Note field as a workaround. 


Default Customer Fields are:



  • First Name

  • Middle Name

  • Last Name

  • Title

  • Suffix

  • Nickname

  • Pronunciation first name
  • Pronunciation last name


  • E-mail Address

  • E-mail 2 Address

  • E-mail 3 Address


  • Chat


  • Home Phone

  • Business Phone

  • Business Phone 2

  • Organization Main
  • Mobile Phone

  • Home Fax
  • Business Fax
  • Callback Phone
  • Other Phone


  • Company

  • Pronunciation Company name
  • Department
  • Office Location
  • Other Address

Other Options - 1 entry per option

  • Web Page

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary


  • Notes - 1 multiple lines field


3) Suggestion: Microsoft is always evolving this app. Please add your requirement to Microsoft Feedback Hub.  


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You can add custom fields to a service that might help you collect additional information while booking appointments. The fields are not stored at the customer level but you will be able to see and manage this info for each appointment.

@davisjr @jwlinson 


I added a custom Company field to the Service form.  When the client books an appointment and completes the form, the Company field response was not added to the Customer Contacts.  
It would be nice to have all Contact fields as a pick selection to add to the Service form to ensure alignment. 


These fields were provided in the Service form as a selection and added to the Customer Database.



These custom fields were not added to the Customer Database even after I used the same field name.




Customer Database results




Sorry, there was a typo in my last message - meant to say "fields are _not_ stored at customer level" but instead at appointment level.


Hi Teresa,


I see that the fields you mention in your list are not exactly the same as I found on other forum posts with the template of fields (e.g.

You have extra fields like:

  • Pronunciation first name
  • Pronunciation last name
  • Chat
  • Organization Main
  • Home Fax
  • Business Fax
  • Callback Phone
  • Other Phone
  • Pronunciation Company name
  • Department
  • Office Location
  • Other Address (whereas in the other CSV templates it has 4 fields for Street, City, State, Postal, Country)

My Questions:

1. Is your list showing the exact name of all the fields it should have on the Excel file (and then save as CSV UTF-8)?
2. Where can I find that complete list in French?

My problem:

I have tried the standard template in French, but everytime when I import the file it gives message ; sorry we encountered a problem, the file format is incorrect. Check if the format has been exported in CSV Outlook.



It first showed multiple lines with problems in the French accents: I replaced all them in the source file but it still gave problems when importing.

I found a post on mentioning a problem with double quotes and via Notes to replace them with blanks; but there are no double quotes in the file.


I am at a loss! Can you help me with my questions so that the import can be done successfully? I have a list of over 5000 records.


Thank you!