Image are lost in the confirmation email from MsBooking for the customer

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So the problem is pretty simple, I want to have ''header'' in the confirmation email for the booking, it's all working fine except that the header is lost, we only have like 5% of the image...



As you can see below, the image is partially erased, we can still click to open the whole thing but it's severly cropped in the email, I have tried to but it in the bottom of the message, it doesnt fix the problem, anywhere you put an image, it's massively crop, but the image is still there you can right click to download the full image.

(Yes I could crop the same image with multiple line and have the full thing like a jigsaw puzzle, but this is definetly not a reasonnable solution)


sorry it's in french but you can understand from the image below that the header is still there, but crop.



The Sad part is : the employee HAVE the full image, but not the customer.....



Any solution from the community?


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