Iframe of Microsoft Booking loads indefinitely

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Hello everyone,


We're a web agency and we've integrated a Microsoft Booking page on a customer's site via Iframe. It worked very well until 1 week ago. When we try to access the link generated when the booking page is created (via the customer's site or directly from Microsoft Booking), the page loads indefinitely.


So we had to recreate a new page in order to get a new link, which works this time. For obvious security reasons, I can't see the url of this page posted, but it's an address like https://outlook.office365.com/book/username@website. I was able to see the following post from a few years ago which seems more or less similar to mine.



Do you have any updates about this? (I leave a picture showing the problem in question)


Another surprising fact is that when we cloned the client's page, which was no longer functional, it disappeared a few hours later. Could you tell me if it's possible to see any logs or retrieve any other information about what may have happened?


The loading pageThe loading page

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Are you still facing this issue? Thanks!

@Babu_Alagarsamy As our client's main source of appointments, we recreated a diary and deleted the one that wasn't working. Without the broken page, there's no way of finding out where it could have come from.