I want to be able to choose which calendar Microsoft Bookings query's for available slots.

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I am a privately contracted secretary for a local business. My clients use Google for everything, but I prefer Microsoft, and I have an enterprise 365 license. I have setup a Microsoft Bookings page to manage their appointments; however, it will only allow me to query my personal calendar, not theirs, for available slots, nor will it allow me to send invites to any email address other than my own. This is easy enough to remedy by creating a mail rule to forward all invites from their Bookings page to their shared Google calendar, but I can't figure out how to change which calendar it queries for available times.


I have the public calendar address for their shared company Google Calendar file, but I can't find anywhere to input the iCal address in Microsoft Bookings. I added their calendar to my Office 365 account, but Bookings won't even let me choose which of my calendars to use, meaning that I would have to sync their company calendar with my own personal calendar using Power Automate or something similar, but I don't want that clutter.


Any ideas? It seems like a major oversight that you can't even select which of your calendars Bookings queries for available slots... No working professionals that I know only have one calendar.

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