I need an option to transfer data to Bookings Custom Fields from a form

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I'm using Microsoft Bookings to schedule appointments,I need to transfer data from another form to pre-fill the custom question due I would like to reduce the re-work of filling the data twice. I tried to pass the data through the link but it doesn't work with MS Bookings. What can I do to pre-fill this data, Can I use power automate or the API?

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Not sure if I understood your scenarios correctly, but can you check if Bookings Graph APIs can help you here?


Hi. thank you for your response. Yes, I have read the Graph documentation, but I don't need to create the appointment from the API. Regarding the Booking Page, I need to pass data to pre-fill out, for example, the email or name, and allow the user to book the appointment.
So you want to prefill the customer data when the self-schedule Bookings page is opened? This is not possible today.