How to track booking confirmations when completed?

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Does anyone know how to track when someone completes the booking?

I have bookings embedded into my page but there is no way to setup a page re-direct once it has been booked in or being able to track button clicks/form submissions etc through Google Analytics.


How do you get around this?


As it's not good enough to only track a page view of the booking but not a booking completion. 

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@Ashtag I follow, I tried so many things, but without any succes unfortunately. Hope someone knows a way around! It would help if we can set up our own thank-you pages.

Also looking for a solution to this

Yea its pretty ridiculous you can't set up a simple re-direct on completion. @Vwanst 



Is there any update on this?!  It's now July 2022 and we need the ability to track 'conversions' aka bookings...


Come on Microsoft?! 

@AshtagHello, is there any news on this topic? i would also be interested in using bookings on the webpage but i can only use it, when we can count the conversions in analytics. a simple thing for many others, so what about microsoft? now i'm using a workaround with sharpspring but i would prefer to integrate it directly on and not with a link to the url of the marketing management system.

Hi everyone, @Ashtag, @KimLabs @Vwanst @MikeyG23
I'm investigating the same issue. Did any of you find a solution for this?
Thanks in advance!
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Hi Julia,


Unfortunately not - I ended up paying for Calendly and also Zoho Bigin, Zoho Flow and Zapier to get the right integrations we needed to track / monitor all leads coming in.


It's a real shame Microsoft haven't developed the bookings feature - it's such a great potential product, but currently it lacks key features for any business to use it.  I actually feel like this about a lot of the 365 eco system... you have it all, but once you start to use it, you realise that individualised products from other suppliers do a far better job... 

@MikeyG23 Thanks for the quick answer! How did you manage to pass on the channel attribution (Google Ads, Google Search etc.) via Calendly and Zapier etc.? I just found this advice, I'm going to try out in the following days: Calendly Conversion Tracking With Google Tag Manager (GTM) - Bind Media

I use Calendly and have now set it up with GTM. It's definitely the way to go. I have also put Bookings on my site in some places though, because it's not worth buying seats for some people in Calendly for the rare times someone needs to book with them. Plus with Bookings I have full control of setting up everything and don't need them to do a thing.
Sadly I think we'll just give up tracking the embedded Bookings until they can at least allow you to create a confirmation thank you page on your own site.....