How to see Microsoft Bookings Multiple Attendees

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We are using this for parents to sign up for registration.  How to do we print up the list of names coming in for that time slot?  We added specific questions.  Is there a way to print this along with the list of parents coming in for the 10 a.m. slot.


Ex:  5 parents can sign up.  We want to know the name of the child and date of birth.  How do we get all of this to print, so we know who is expected when.



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Hi there! When you select Calendar select your day (or week) you wish to view then click Print


Select the time range you wish (such as for your 10am appointment)


Then select Print Detailed Agenda as this will give you all the information users placed on your form when making the booking. 

Thank you for your response! I still cannot see the questions that I added.  I added a question that askes for the student's name and birthdate.  It doesnot show up when I click on PRINT DETAILED AGENDA

or if I export the data into a TSV file.


HELP!!!!!  TIA




Hiya, did you ensure that the question is highlighted under the service? Have you ticked the box next to it marked 'set as required'?