How to have staff members with both virtual and in person appointments?

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I work for a community college and we are increasing our in person advising appointments while we continue to see students virtually.  We have 3 different locations, 20+ advisors and want to be able to have both the virtual and in person appointments show up in the advisors outlook calendar.  Our advisors would be seeing students in person one day a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) and then virtually the other 4 days (all advisors work remotely on Fridays).


How do I create a bookings calendar where a student can click on their advisor first, then click on which type of appointment they want (virtual or in person) that will link to outlook?  I have tried another method that I found here by @Gabo where you add staff with the name of a specific service, in our case, "Arnold (Campus location) Monday in person advising" I used a fictitious email to create the "staff" entry.  It gave me the option to choose between an in person appointment or a virtual appointment but, obviously, this would not link to an advisors outlook.


If I am not explaining this in a way that makes sense, please let me know.  We have been trying to figure out how to make Bookings work for us, but it has been pretty difficult - especially since technology isn't my wheelhouse!  Any and all suggestions are welcomed!

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Hi @aetarpley,


I am an independent advisor investigating this request.


Microsoft Bookings does not support this functionality at this time.  You'll be glad to know that you are not the only one needing this requirement.  


Please influence change by voting on existing feedback from other users or add your specific requirement so that Microsoft can consider it.

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