How to create an immediate reservation in Bookings

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I work for a university where we now have a Bookings system to reserve classrooms. Since we no longer do walk ins due to COVID-19, we offer sign ups to track who enters and exists. We ran into an issue where a student cannot book within 15 minutes of their appointment. I set my minimum lead booking time to zero hours, and it still does not allow for me to book a 3 pm time, if it is past 2:45 pm.


A lot of times, a student will schedule a reservation within seconds of their time, because students are often in a rush to get to and from class. Is there a work around to this? We need a student to be able to book a time as they are walking up to knock on the door.


It’s very important that we are both able to track students for protocol reasons, as well as not cause frustration to the students who are trying to Book.


Please help!!!!!

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