How to clone a Bookings Service Setup?

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Is there a means to clone a bookings page setup to multiple pages?   We are creating a bookings page for managers in an accounting firm, and each manager will get a private booking page to keep their clients from choosing from a pool of users and instead will only book with the individual.    Is there a way to do this or do we have to make each page manually?



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I don't think there is a way to clone pages, but you could set up a separate service for each manager. Within the service creation page, assign one manager to each service so it can only be booked with them.


You can then click on each individual service and get a booking page URL specifically for that service to send to clients. So manager A's clients will never have the link for manager B's appointment slots. All of the services remain under one uniform booking page.



Each manager has around 10 I was trying to avoid making 10 for each booking page.   Being they want it separate - looks like this will be a lot of manual entry.   :( 


It would be a nice feature to have services be a template to then assign to anyone across multiple pages.   What the managers are doing, is having a private page for themselves to advertise to their own clients all the services they offer...then we are going to have a general company booking page for new clients where it can pick any staff from the list.

how is this not a feature yet? Every competitor has it :\

@Vicinitech-RJ  This would be such a huge time savings and benefit to us.  We are using this product as a replacement for Calendly and this is just one of many areas where it falls short as a "book me" tool.  Having to recreate services and calendars for every new employee is a huge time suck and we will move to another tool once we are larger if some sort of "team" function not addressed.

@marccostanalysts Same issue here, we just switched from calendly also. But since Bookings is brand new, I'm guessing this will be fixed pretty quickly. :) Other than that one missing feature, it honestly blows calendly out of the water.