How to allow multiple time slots to be booked at once

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So I am exploring the bookings, and setting the duration to 15 minutes and time increment to 15 minutes as well. How do I set to let a single customer book more than one duration at once?

For example, would a user want to book from 9:15 am to 9:45 am (2x durations at once) or 9 am - 12 pm (multiple durations at a time), how to configure that?


Also, is there anyway to add an approval function for admins before the booking is confirmed instead of auto confirmation?


Thank you.


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Hi @kchen1340


I am an independent advisor responding to Bookings inquiries. 


The short answer to your questions is No and No. =)

Currently, the Bookings app does not support multiple entries by a single person.  It is one of the most asked features in Microsoft's Feedback hub. You can review others' requests and vote. 

Also there is no approval function. Here is the link to this feedback topic. Again, you can add your own feedback or vote on others. 


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@Teresa_Cyrus Thank you very much for your reply. I guess I will explore other booking tools/websites instead if these functions are not available in the Booking app/website.

any updates on this one? I wish they can allow multiple to be booked at once.



I want people to book 10 minutes slot, can you please tell me the steps.

in a hour i want 6 slots to be booked.

Hi @NaveenSaa 

I sent you a video link to your LinkedIn account.