How to allow customers to book one or more timeslots at once?

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I really need the ability for my customers to be able to either set the timeslot themself.

ie: 09.00 to 09:45


or atleast let the customers book several times at once.


how can i do this?


now my customers can only book one times.

sometimes they need to book 30min, sometimes they need to book 120min.

sometimes they need to book 10min and sometimes they need to book a full day.



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If my understanding of Services is correct, it sounds like you could just be a few configuration steps away from a solution if you make as many services as there might be possible timeslots you can anticipate. If your customers understand how much time they need (i.e., 120 minutes), you could name your services in such a way that they would know which service was right for them (i.e., 120 Minute Consultation).


I'm not a Bookings expert, but I wouldn't count on finding a way for your customers to define timeslot length on their own. If they could, that would sort of break the purpose of Bookings--here's the services provided and how long they take, pick one that fits the schedule.

This doesn't fit the need specified (or the same one I have), I believe. For example, what I'm looking for is to have *one* service where the minimum booking time is 1 hour, but customers can select multiple contiguous time slots if they want to book 3 hours of time. This is critical for a reservation service.

@TylerH1  Did you ever find a solution to this?

No, they still have not added support for this yet, so our users are still having to book multiple time slots for a single day.
Nope, not found a solution. We are simply just not using bookings because of this. Bookings have great potential if it would be more flexible.

Would love to see the options to book multiple slots or even let the user decide how long a slot should be like, ability to make it more like a calendar. If i see a spot open for 2hours, let me book it instead of having to book several small slots or do multiple bookings.

Im a bit surprised how slow this have developed since it have been out for quite some time now.