How to add admin user in Microsoft booking with only invited user

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I created a Microsoft booking with an account that some time after, I changed to shared mailbox.


When I returned this account to User Mailbox, the booking modify the profile to "invited" and there are not any other user admin to manage the booking configuration as you can see below.





How can I create an admin user to manage this bookings?

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Can you try adding one of the users as a super user ( and then you should be able to manage the Bookings calendar.

Thanks @Babu_Alagarsamy 


I tried that, but this doesn't work.

I can not add a superuser from booking aplication because I'm a guest.

With powershell, I could add as Admin for the mailbox, but not for the booking.



yes, only tenant admins can add someone as a super user. Since you dont have a user account added in your Bookings calendar you need to work with your tenant admin for this.