How do I set up questions in bookings using branching logic? (shared from other user)

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Posting a request from the base MS community voicing a question and concern I share:


"I am interested in using MS bookings to schedule drop-in appointments with our stats team. I am hoping to achieve a few things. 1. add our pre-questions to the bookings page when a client reserves a time. The issue is that there is branching logic in our current form, and I cannot figure out how to set up branching in bookings. 2. I wanted to set the days and times for the semester and add different people to each day without setting up new bookings scheduling link for each day and time. I have a page set up and am looking for help to ensure I can do everything and that it works come the first week of the semester. I am open to any suggestions."

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Branching logic is not possible to set up in Bookings. Depending on your exact needs, you could set up the branching logic in MS Forms and depending on the selected branch it gives you a different Bookings-link. However you would need to manually connect the data from Forms or Bookings or build a workflow in Power Automate that aggregated the data from both sources in a Sharepoint list or something similar.

Sadly there is no easy solution to this.