How do I select or change time In MSBookings when I am not available?

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I'm newish to MS Bookings and I need to select some temporary "busy" times when I am not available...I tried doing this using the "add time off" button...listed all my times off(busy)...they appear on the bookings calender BUT it seems people can still book appointments online at the times I have selected as being  "time off"... am I just doing this the wrong way??or is there a trick?? would love some help on this---Damian D

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When you mark time as "time off" in MS Bookings, it should block out those timeslots and prevent customers from booking appointments during those times. If you're finding that customers are still able to book appointments during your "time off" slots, there are a few things you can check:

Double-check that the "time off" slots are set up correctly: When you add "time off" in MS Bookings, you should be able to specify the start and end times for the time off period. Double-check that you've set these up correctly and that the time off slots are actually blocking out the times you're unavailable.

Check your booking policy settings: MS Bookings has a variety of policy settings that control how appointments can be booked. For example, you can set minimum and maximum notice periods for bookings, as well as how far in advance appointments can be booked. Make sure that your policy settings are set up correctly and aren't allowing bookings during your "time off" slots.

Ensure that you have the correct time zone set: If you're finding that appointments are being booked during your "time off" slots, it's possible that the time zone settings in MS Bookings are incorrect. Double-check that you have the correct time zone set up in MS Bookings and that it matches your actual time zone.
Hi Luke thanks for your quick response...It seems that the solution lays in the default scheduling part of customizing the booking page screens...I needed to select those custom time offs and then select the "not Bookable" property associated with that timing...just does whole days though..thanks for your help and making me ponder the actions needed
Welllll...maybe that's NOT the answer..frustratingly it seems I can still be booked when I'm scheduled as "Time Off" and "not available" and "Not Bookable"...
Hey Damian,

Sorry to hear you are still having issues. One possibility is that there may be some misconfiguration in your scheduling settings that is causing this issue. I would recommend reviewing your settings and double-checking that everything is set up correctly. Take your time, check each setting.

If still no-joy, log a ticket with Microsoft.

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