How can you easily see who done the booking from your calendar?

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I am not able to see who did the booking from Outlook calendar and TEAMS calendar. I've to go to the booking page calendar, click on edit to know who did the booking. Alternative scroll through the email. Any advice?

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The assigned staff member should automatically get it in their calendar. If not, you can add that particular calendar to outlook and then you can see (only see and not modify) all the bookings. How to do that? Go to outlook365 portal (where you can see all the apps)>> Calendar> add calendar> add from directory> search.
Now you should have that calendar across all platforms/apps/etc.

Hope that helps.

@sagark92 thanks for sharing. I'm still unable to easily view who booked the time slot.

@Tedquek  I'm also interested in resolving this. The title of the appointment should include the clients name.

@Tedquek Thanks for highlighting this feature request. We really value this feedback. We do not support this currently but I agree it is good to have feature and we will get to it sooner. Thanks for your interest and support to Bookings!"

Hi Is it a multi attendee service you are offering or a one to one?@Tedquek 

@Tedquek I had the same issue. You have to go into the bookings page calendar to see the individual appointments.


The way around this if you are only talking a few attendees, is to setup calendars for each slot available and assign them as staff to the booking and make the service one to one.

So say you want to offer a booking that 6 people can attend.


Create the service and make it available available to one person


Create 6 shared mailboxes (or dummy accounts if you are not interested in the calendars)


Add them as staff to your booking then add the six of them as available to the service.


This way when a booking is made, it is a one to one and will appear in the calendar.  You can either then check the calendars individually or download the TSV file. This will show you the information against who booked the slot at the time.


Its a bit of a work around but does work