How Can I Stop Overlapped Bookings Appointments?

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Hi All,


I've set up my microsoft bookings shared calender so people can book time with me and my boss for training sessions. I've taken all the right steps that other boards and how-to's show, but it is still allowing people to book over or during the time of another booking that we've already accepted and scheduled.


Example: Someone booked a 1-hour meeting with my boss and I. We both accepted it. It's from 2PM - 3PM. Right now, our shared calendar shows a person can book a 2:44PM meeting with us.


Not sure where I'm going wrong. 


Settings I've already put in place: Service has it set where both staff are auto-selected, both staff have the 'events on office calendar affect availability' box checked off, service has up to 3 maximum attendees 


Anyone able to help?

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A few things to test:
1. Is your general availability under "Edit Service" set to "Bookable when staff are free" or "custom hours".
2. What is the "Duration" and "Buffer Times" of your service set too?

@JustinG thanks for the quick reply!


1. I have it set to 'bookable when staff are free'

2. no buffer times and duration is 30 mins for 30-min meeting options and 1 hour for 1-hour meeting option. I did try to add 15-min buffer before/after and it made them able to book the appointment even earlier during the overlap. So instead of 2:44PM they could book at 2:14PM even though I had a 2-3pm already booked


Interesting. And you are sure that all "staff" that could be booked during that time is definitely booked? If Bookings sees one assigned to the service available, it will grab it so you can book.

I wouldn't be surprised if there is a bug. Bookings has to be one of the buggiest services I have seen Microsoft put out.

Under Edit Service, what is your "Time Increments" setting? the 2:44 time is really odd unless you allow 1 minute increments. 

Under staff - Assigned all of your selected staff for an appointment is checked off and my boss and I are moved over to be the two staff.

Time Increments = 30 minutes
Minimum lead time = 24 hours
Maximum lead time = 365 days
Bookable when staff are free is checked
Wow that makes zero sense, you have everything configured that needs to be. There should be no reason the next appointment is available at the 44 minute mark. It seems like people are having issues left and right, right now with Bookings. We just received another new complaint where the calendar is just hiding stuff. I am not sure if a new backend update broke everything or what is going on.

You may want to retry building the service from scratch to see if it takes. That's helped us a few times but it's not guaranteed fix. Sorry I don't have a solution.