How can I modify meeting settings for Teams meetings created in Bookings?

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Hello everyone,

I have a Bookings calendar set up with a dozen staff. This is for interviews, and I want to be able to work with the meeting settings in Teams. Normally, an organizer can access this through the Meeting options link in the calendar event. When I try to open that link from the Bookings event, I am told that only the organizer can access the meeting settings.

Okay, fine, so maybe the Bookings calendar is the organizer. As a 365 Admin, I set a password for the account the calendar belongs to. I tried adding that account to my Outlook, and it wasn't working. I gave the account an E5 license (we have a few unused) then created an Edge profile for it. When I open that link in that Edge profile, logged in as the Bookings calendar, I still, I get the message "You don’t have the permission to change the meeting settings. Please reach out to the meeting organizer for any changes."

I want to change the "who can skip the lobby" setting and enable Q&A. 

Who is the organizer for Teams meetings created in a Bookings calendar?

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@aj-voraman From what I've seen, the only person who can change it is the person who booked it. For example, I support students at a university and they use the booking system to schedule their progress meetings. Problem is I can't cancel/amend it if they make a mistake, only Decline the invitation sent. Haven't yet found a solution to the problem, but if I do I'll let you know!


If you are an administrator on the Bookings calendar, there are things you can do.  Including adding the Bookings calendar to your Outlook (I support a team of a dozen people, and I can see their Bookings calendar, as well as their regular Outlook calendar in Outlook). You need the name of the Bookings page to look them up when you Add from directory.  For example, I support someone with a Bookings calendar named Central Texas and the email address for that calendar is centraltexas@(my domain) so to add it, on the Add Calendar from Directory, I start typing the name in the name search box for our global address list and I can find it.


As an administrator on that Bookings calendar, I can see details in Outlook, and I can also add people to the Required or Optional for any specific instance.  This is separate from all the things i can do In Bookings.

In Bookings, I can also cancel (through Bookings - in the Calendar View if you click a specific event, you have the option to cancel).  If you are an Administrator or Team Member on the Staff page for the calendar, you can manage any service assigned to you. This includes managing your availability and scheduling, updating, or canceling meetings. 

Teams provides the meeting Organizer the ability to make changes to the settings for individual meetings. Anyone listed as a Co-Organizer can also make these kinds of changes prior to the meeting (Anyone who is a Presenter can make many of these changes during meetings).  The Organizer role is assigned to the creator of the meeting.  So, the secret sauce is to be the meeting organizer.  I can't find information on which account is the creator/organizer for Teams meetings added to Bookings services. That's what my main issue is. If I know which account owns the meeting, I can provide the credentials for that account to persons (including me) who want to have specific changes made to the Teams meetings created by Bookings.

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@aj-voraman  Meeting settings can be modified by the staff assigned to the booking meeting. 

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@aj-voraman  Meeting settings can be modified by the staff assigned to the booking meeting. 

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