How can I make it so that a customer (within our organisation) is only able to make one booking in m

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We are setting up a booking system for our clients and need to restrict each client to only be able to make one booking per client.


Is there a way for the Microsoft Bookings platform to identify a user has booked a slot already and therefore stopping them from being able to make multiple booking slots?


We have already enabled the "available to people in your organisation" option but cannot see a way to restrict the number of bookings each person can make.


If you could help resolve this, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, it is not possible to restrict a client to make just one appointment. We will plan for this feature moving forward.

@Pratk  Thank you advising.


You mentioned it is planned for this to be a feature moving forward. Do you have an approximate time frame, of when it can be expected the feature to be available? 

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I'm also keen on having this implemented. We use bookings for parent/teacher meetings and need to limit it to one booking per parent.

Since an email address is needed to make a booking - can't we just limit it to one booking per email address (i.e. throw an error or show a "you already have a booking" type message when they hit the "Book" button on the booking page)?