How can I link a certain calendar to Microsoft Booking?

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Microsoft Booking automatically uses "My calendar" in outlook but I have created a additional calendar in outlook called "Reservation Calendar". How can I get Microsoft Booking to use the reservation calendar instead of "My calendar" so when individuals book a time slot it doesnt appear on "my calendar" within outlook but the "reservation calendar" which is also in outlook?

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Did anyone answer your question? I have the same inquiry.

I have the same query. We already have a diary calendar, it would be useful to convert this into one that can accept bookings without having to start again.

@LaurenMBA I'm also interested in whether this is an option. We have a dedicated meeting room calendar and it would be great if appointments could directly reference it.

Hi @LaurenMBA,


I’ve noticed that Microsoft Bookings only links with your primary calendar. However, there are a couple of workarounds you can explore:

  1. Shared Mailbox (SM):

    • While Bookings doesn’t directly pick up availability from shared mailboxes, you can still use them.
    • Keep in mind that the calendar availability won’t be reflected on the Bookings page.
  2. Delegate Account:

    • Set up a separate mailbox account.
    • Make yourself a delegate for that account.
    • Assign that account to a service in Bookings.
    • This way, the calendar availability will be accurately reflected.


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