Hello! Having a booking issue here - the bookings page is greyed out when staff member is available

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I cloned an operational page and added the staff member, so the settings are the same but the availability is greyed out. This has happened with 2 other staff members. 


I'm not really sure how to fix as all of my settings are the same across all of the calendars for my staff members. Just that these 3 team members have greyed out availability. 

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We are also having this issue it is intermittent and a refresh of the browser will sometimes resolve but not always.

@Jimmy Ortiz Thank you but this has been going on for a few days now and has been refreshed, re logged on, viewed from other users, and its still greyed out. 

Availability depends on multiple settings including staff availability as well as the timings configured for the service / business hours. Can you please verify if all the settings are same across the booking pages?

Yes all settings are exactly the same the only difference are the staff hours due to time in and lunches. however this is different to a multitude of staff and across all of the working bookings pages ( I have 16 that are working and 3 that are not) Settings are all identical across the business info, service, staff (aside for hours) and booking page.