Handling in-person vs virtual appointmerns per service and staff

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We are looking at having a hybrid office. We will have some staff in person on certain days and remote the others. Our staff members are tied to multiple services. Is it possible to customize a service so that if a students selects a service they can choose if the appointment will be in person or virtual and appointment type will display that for both the student and staff member? How do you set up what days a person would be in person as opposed to virtual on those day. If a student picks in person it would only display the availability for an in-person appointment and if they selected remote... they could schedule any days of the week that person is available?

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100%. This ^^^^

MS needs to make this a priority!
It should be easy with 'Working Elsewhere' settings in individuals calendars... except Bookings does not considers that at all and therefore books in person for people that are not in the office.
It means we cannot use Bookings basically.
Is this not a thing? I have been desperately searching for days to figure out how to do this for the same reason.