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Hello everyone,


Does anyone know of a way to print a list of registered customers for a group event?  I have look 6 ways from Sunday and haven't been able to find a way.  If there isn't currently an option to do this, how do I go about suggesting it to Microsoft?




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Hi Chris, 
I have been struggling as well and I did find a way, but I must say it is not the easiest solution. It is a pretty technical solution.

  1. You have to gain full access to the Bookings-mailbox (not the employee), this can be done via 


Powershell: Add-MailboxPermission -Identity  -User -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All​


  • After the mailbox appears in Outlook (local, not owa), download the application MFCMapi: mfcmapi (be extremely careful, you can breakdown your mailbox)
  • open MFCMapi, go to Session, Logon and choose your Outlook profile
  • right-click and open the datastore
  • expand folder and in the top of the archive right-click on calendar, open contentstable. you will see all appointments.
  • select all appointments and "export message" (messages, this is a selection)
  • save all appointments as .XML file in a desired folder. you should have as many XML-files as there are appointments.
  • use a Powershell-script to extract the desired info from all XML-files to a CSV (or whatever), you can use this example:



$files = Get-ChildItem "C:\temp" -Filter *.xml
cd c:\temp\

foreach ($file in $files){
  [xml]$Types = Get-Content -Path $file
  $ans = Select-Xml -Xml $Types -XPath "//properties/property" | Select-Object -ExpandProperty node | where-object {$_.tag -eq '0x82750102'} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty AltValue  #| Format-list -   #-GroupBy ',' | out-file -FilePath c:\temp\test.txt -Append
  $ans.OuterXml | out-file -FilePath c:\temp\test.txt -Append



the output-file you can import in Excel/powerbi and clean the data using the import-query.


It is not easy, but once you have set everything up, it takes less time to execute.

Kind regards,