Gmail users in Microsoft Bookings teams meetings

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I have Gmail users booking slots for parent consultations through Microsoft Bookings. They get a confirmation email. I am not able to contact them from my calendar meeting request for the consultation. It keeps defaulting to Teams meetings. The meeting starts but it is 'dead', the time is ticking over but that is all.
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When you define your service offerings in Microsoft Bookings, you set, among other things, a service name, description, location (choose whether you want to meet in person or have an online meeting), duration, default reminders to customers and staff, internal notes about the service, and pricing. You can also tag the employees who are qualified to provide the service. Then, when customers come to your business web site to book an appointment, they can see exactly what types of appointments are available, choose the person they want to provide the service, and how much their service will cost.


You can now add customized information and URLs to the email confirmation and reminders that you send when someone books a service through your booking page.

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Confirmation emails to Gmail customers are failing to be delivered. I have added 3 examples of delivery failures to Gmail accounts. When I join a meeting from my calendar, the customer does not know that i am calling them, but i can join the meeting from my side.







@ChrisPWC, I've successfully had people register for a service using a Gmail address with no problems.


Those screenshots look like the problem is either an incorrectly typed address or a dead/non-accessible Gmail account. Either way, those screenshots point to the problem being outside of Bookings and/or Teams.

I'd start by confirming that those addresses are correct and can actually receive emails. Maybe send a manual email to that address and see if it bounces as well.

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I think the answer is here :


I post this because I found this forum before the microsoft documentation page. ;)