Ghost time slots appear on Bookings

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I've encountered something weird in Microsoft Bookings since yesterday:

Everything is normal if none of the clients has booked,

but if one slot is booked, there will be several time slots (not in the setting) appears


This is my service settings:




This is my stuff available time:




This is the Booking page before any time slot is booked:




And this is the Booking page After 7:40PM time slot (7:40-8:10 PM) has been booked:




And this is what happened if I try to book those 'GHOST' time slots:





Can someone please help?

This happens to all the staffs (including the test one I've newly added)

And this makes our booking service literally unusable for our client because most of the time slot simply cannot be booked!

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I think I've found the cause of it!

After I unchecked always use business time zone to display time slots

Everything became normal!




I noticed when it was not function normally,

The Bookings page always displayed 8 more time slots before the booked finish time.

And I'm at UTC +8 timezone

There must be a bug when it was checked!

I can confirm the behavior, enabling this setting is 100% buggy.

Please fix this, thank you.