Get the ID used in a link for accessing a Booking appointment

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Is there a way to get the ID used in a link to the booking appointment with Graph API?[BookingCalendarAddress]/bookings/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


This ID is not the Appointment ID returned by graph API...



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@Martin Coupal , did you ever found an answer to this question? I ran into the same issue where I need this booking id so that I can get back to an existing booking on the bookings page using this id. The appointment id stored in bookings is a different one that's returned by the graph API.

@Sukumar2021, no I did not find this information. I guess it should be returned by the api but it is not for now....

@Martin Coupal  is there any solution available?


I also need this Id.



Found the solution. Subscriptionid field is rather converted to short id used in the link. Subscriptionid is converted to 22 char shortid using convert.tobase64string method.

@Sukumar2021 Thank you. By Subscription Id, do you mean appointment Id?


Graph Query:




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Sorry. I meant selfserviceappointmentid which’s a guid and one of the booking fields.
Hi. Thank you very much for your reply. I am clear about selfserviceappointmentId but what do u mean by one of the booking fields. ? As I understood, I have to convert selfserviceappointmentId to 22 char shortid using convert.tobase64string to get last part of Url?

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Hi Umer, that’s correct. You need to convert selfserviceappointmentid to 22 char short id.
Hi @Sukumar2021 , can you pleaes elloborate what do you mean by 22 char short id. If I encode selfserviceappointmentid as base64 using online converter, I get competely different encoded string. Can you please help me to point to right resource. I have selfserviceappointmentid " cb34c6ef-b947-412a-96a1-03fb553774c5". what will be the encrypted value ?
You need to first convert the guid value to tobytearray() and pass that value as a parameter to tobase64string method to get the short id.
Hi @Sukumar2021,

I just want to know if this is possible inside the Power Automate? Checking the conversions it seems there is not tobytearray() available.
Unfortunately, this functionality is not available in power automate. You have to use azure functions and call this function from power automate.

@Sukumar2021 One more thing to be noticed. It is not possible to get meeting Id in case of group meeting. If your resource has capicity more then one, then above mentioned method will not work




Thank you very much for the quick response @Sukumar2021! Yeah I guess Azure Functions is the only way to do it in Power Automate.