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I have configured a service for 1 day and have set my staff availability for full day 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM. 

When I book the service from the backend, on the services page, I am able to see my staff is available and I can create the booking.

The issue is when I use the booking page. I can select the service and availability shows up on the calendar, but when I fill out all the details and click Book. I am setting error:

Please try again. Something went wrong. We couldn't book that appointment. Please reload the page and try again.


EDIT: MS has confirm it is there issue and they are working on fixing it.

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I'm having this exact same issue with the full day services. My company has 3 booking pages, 2 of them are full day and one of them is 5-minute increments. Both of the full days are giving this message no matter what we do, the 5-minute one is working perfectly.
Please let me know if you've found a solution.

Same here: Booking time  for 23:59 h works fine, booking time 1 day fails. 

Same here, we have a ticket with Microsoft Support since 4/11

We can no longer book full days within any of our booking pages as well. It was working fine a couple of weeks ago.

@Pernille-Eskebo please can you sort this out ASAP!
Same error for us too. Let us know if you get any reply from MS.
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same here ! After placing a support ticket and adding the URL of this page, the engineers found the problem below and everything was fixed this morning


We got an update from engineering.  Engineering identified the code changes that resulted in the issue and are working to disable them which could take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. 


More info: When attempting to book sessions in the Microsoft Bookings 'Booking page', users are told to reload the page and are unable to book a session.


Current status: Our analysis of HAR trace files revealed that a recent update intended to optimize an unrelated feature introduced a code regression which interfered with users' ability to book full-day appointments through the 'Booking page' in Microsoft Bookings. To resolve this issue, we're disabling this feature update and anticipate that this change will take effect to resolve impact for all users by our next scheduled update. Scope of impact: Your organization is affected by this event, and any user attempting to book full-day appointment sessions in the Microsoft Bookings 'Booking page' may experience impact.


Here is the number of the Microsoft Incident if you need any help : MB458621

Same for us

I've just tested our booking page and it's working again so I assume MS have pushed the fix out now.