Forwarded Bookings invite isn't deleted when booking is cancelled

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Hi everyone, we use Bookings in our organisation for our customers to set up meetings with us. If customer user 1 makes the booking with us and forwards the booking via email to user 2, and user 2 has accepted the invite, it appears in user 2's calendar - great, this was expected. 


However, if user 1 cancels the booking via Bookings, the invite is removed from user 1's calendar but not user 2. This means user 2 will not be notified if the meeting has been cancelled. Is there a way to cancel forwarded meetings so that it reflects correctly for all attendees?

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To my knowledge, the invite sent is just a regular invite and is not 2-way linked to Bookings at all.
For example, if a staff member declines an invite sent by Bookings via his personal Outlook, this does not remove the booking from the Bookings calendar.
The only ones who can cancel a booking are the user who created the appointment via the cancel link in the confirmation email and the staff from the Bookings UI, provided they have sufficient rights.
Bookings can not keep track of what happens to the invites after they were sent (I think by design): not forwarding, not cancelling nor rescheduling.

The only way to kind of achieve what you want is a workaround: make the service a group service and instead of forwarding the invite, user 2 has to also register/book the same spot as user 1. If they both book the same service on the same timeslot, and the meeting gets cancelled, they will both receive a cancellation message.

Hi @fiterbek,


When I created any MS bookings and sent invitation to any of the staff member, if that respective staff member decline/reject the booking invitation from their outlook,  then it is removed from the MS bookings app as well, but I want to retain that booking with reject/declined updated status. How can I achieve this. Please help me.


Thanks in advance.

@RAIDASNI am not a MS employee. I no longer work on Bookings for our organisation, and have no experience with the app, as we never used it. So unfortunately I cannot help you, sorry.