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I often have students asking that I look up their appointment time, but they don't have their confirmation email or they don't know the day or advisor(staff member/service provider) they booked with.


Short of going day by day, advisor by advisor (20+ advisors) - how can I look up a previously scheduled appointment?


This is definitely a major issue in our organization.  Thank you!

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Hi @aetarpley,


Microsoft Bookings do not support Customer/Client/Student Booking history.  I encourage you to add to the feedback portal


As a workaround, you can filter the Services and Staff Members and export the data for up to 120 days in a TSV file. It is not ideal, but something is better than nothing. 


  • Click on Calendar | add a check mark by Services and Staff Members
  • From the top menu, select the Export icon

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@Teresa_Cyrus, This is helpful, but is there any way that we are able to export the information in other formats besides TSV? It is very difficult to find information needed when the formatting requires NotePad style programming to see/analyze the info. 


I did find a temporary workaround to get the information into a more user friendly platform (excel), but I just wanted to see if there was a way to expedite the process.

Hi @Reagan_Ringvelski 


I apologize for the delay in responding. Since my original response was a year old, I completed another thorough investigation to see if anyone has a simpler process. "I came up empty-handed." 


You must convert TSV to a CSV or XlSX file. 


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