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I want to split some services' availability by the location of my customers, so Mondays I'm in the northwest portion of my city, Tuesdays I'm in the northeast, Wednesdays I'm in the southeast, and Thursdays I'm in the southwest hunk of the city. Is there a way to add a required question for customers to answer which would then generate for them only the days I'm serving that portion of the city for the service? 

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HI @rmj3661,

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At this time, Microsoft bookings do not support the filtering and picking dates you have described.


As a workaround, you can create each Region as a Service and specify the available dates.  Then create a webpage to direct your clients to all regional links. The clients can select and book the proper region and dates.


Bookings do not display multiple services in one calendar, but the confirmed appointments will appear in your Outlook calendar.


Also, this is a great idea! Please add this functionality request to Microsoft Feedback Hub. Remember to post the link in this thread for others to vote.


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