Export Data Displays Client Name Within Service Name

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We encountered significant problems with Microsoft Bookings from late November through mid-December. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-bookings/bookings-is-acting-up-since-the-end-of-nov...
The issues were resolved in mid-December. However, following the resolution, we have observed a problem with our Microsoft Bookings Exportation (.tsv) feature.

Before mid-December, the client's name, along with the service name, was visible in the Outlook Calendar, providing a convenient overview of appointment information without the need to click for full details.

Unfortunately, since mid-December, this information is also displaying on the Microsoft Bookings side. Consequently, this is impacting all our exports and data derived from this solution. Accurately compiling the data has become a significant challenge and is nearly impossible, resulting in errors on reports, given that the client's name is now visible across all services.

Could you kindly investigate and address this issue exclusively on the MS Bookings data side? We would like the client's name to continue appearing on the Outlook calendar while resolving the unintended display on the Microsoft Bookings side.

Thank you!

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Can you please share some screenshots highlighting the differences you are seeing?