Everything is wiped off microsoft bookings account but the booking link still works

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I just logged in to Bookings this morning to make changes on the calendar and it was totally blank. I soon found that the entire Bookings was blank - I can't see services that were created, I can't see calendar, even company information isn't there.

It's as if we are starting from scratch. Yet, the booking link that was published is still working.

Please, what is likely to be the problem?

Update: I integrated Bookings with Teams, so everything is fine in the Teams app.


Update 2: 15 minutes later, and everything has disappeared in the Teams app.

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We have the same problem. This is causing big problems for us, we are currently unable to work with the tool as many bookings are generated directly from the services-list. Have you found a solution yet?
I logged in yesterday and everything has been restored. Did not do anything.

Any luck with yours?
I just experienced this problem. Logging out and back in resolved the issue.

@AndyLevesque tried it out, logged out and in again. But it’s still blank. This happens for all my colleagues as well. Currently, nobody can see the appointments. Interestingly, clicking on the print button shows the appointments again, as well as opening bookings on mobile device. But that doesn’t really help. Any other tips?

I am also experiencing this issue... did you ever work out how to resolve it?

@Kate_m1855 unfortunately not. Still not working. I’m in touch with Microsoft support for a while now, but they haven’t solved it yet. Still waiting for a fix.

Oh no... that isn't good at all... so many of us depend on a good, reliable booking system!
I hope it hasn't had too big an impact on your business