Everyone option for Microsoft Bookings?

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I was looking and it appears that Microsoft Bookings (Which is great btw), doesn't offer a way to have a book everyone feature (if say the two founders of a company wanted to be able to be booked for meetings together by a 3rd party).  Everyone would be a nice feature.


I was thinking one work around would be to create an office 365 group, and add that as a staff member, but unfortunately that doesn't appear to work.  I'd be totally happy to have O365 Groups show up as staff and then assign it to services in my bookings page.

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Hi Mathew,


Thanks for your feedback!

The best way to recommend features is to go through UserVoice https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/314907-microsoft-bookings?filter=hot&page=1 


You can up-vote features or enter your own idea.