Error message when sending email to confirm appointment through Bookings

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I am having major trouble with bookings as every time I schedule an appointment, I receive this message: I got Office365 through GoDaddy and when I call tech support for Microsoft they send me to Go Daddy. When I call GoDaddy, they have no idea what Bookings is and send me back to Microsoft. I have spent over 4 hours to no avail to resolve this issue and I am just trying to figure out why all of a sudden I cannot send out emails to confirm the appointment. So I am thinking to delete and reinstall the app but I cannot find anywhere online  how to do this.


I also would like to know if Bookings has a feature that allows the admin to check off if the appointment was completed ?


This is the message I receive: My TreetopCenter is not authorized to relay messages through the server that reported this error.

Error Details: Reported Error: 550.7.367 remote server returned not permitted to realy -> 554.5.7.1 relay access denied


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Hi Eva,

Thanks for your questions!

I can confirm there is no option to check the appointment as completed.


On the email part. You could try and create a new Bookings calendar from the Office 365 web experience and see if that helps.

Are you saying that when someone books an appointment, your customer is not receiving the confirmation email? The confirmation emails are sent from the address with the name of the calendar you create (I.e. 


Could you check that there is a in your GAL?



Responding to an old post but having the exact same issue with Microsoft Bookings and GoDaddy.  Receiving relay error for all appointment confirmations.  Did a resolution ever occur for this?